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Brian McGuinness

Alternative infrastructure options can make commercially unviable land viable

Tobias Chalmers and Mal McCann of Calibre, together with water infrastructure experts, James Mahoney of True Water and Andrew Cook of RGB Services, believe that previously commercially unviable land can be made viable by installing temporary wastewater treatment plants. Their paper, 'Servicing of Fringe Developments through Temporary Wastewater Treatment and Land Irrigation' was recently presented at OzWater18 in Brisbane. Read the case study of Waterlea Estate, located on the fridge of Ipwich City, in South East Queensland.

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Wellington Zoo – Meet the Locals

Renewables sounds nice, but how do you pay for it?

Robert Saunders, Calibre’s Renewables Sector Lead, shares part two of his step-by-step guide to renewables. In this article Robert discusses financing options.

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Not all sewer solutions are hidden underground.